SABA 000 – Second Act Business Academy – Intro Episode

I help entrepreneurs in the empty nest phase embrace the second half of their lives by building an online business.

In this episode I talk about the goals of this show, my history with online business and my background from the past 30 years. 

Do you feel that technology holds you back from launching your online business? Let me help you with simple technical tips and easy strategies that will teach you all the basics of getting started – from launching a new website to creating content on your website that attracts your audience to selling your first product, this podcast will show you the way.

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Transcription of Show

Shey: 00:00 Welcome to the Second Act Business Academy podcast. This is the show that helps women in the second half of their lives learn how to build a nest egg from an online business without the fear of tech stopping their progress. Easy Tech Tips, simple strategies, inspiring stories. And now your host, she’s ready for your tech questions. Shey harms.

Shey: 00:24 Hello and welcome to Second Act Business Academy. I’m your host Shey Harms. Second Act Business Academy is the place where I help women in the empty nest phase embrace the second act of their lives by creating an online business. So let me tell you a little bit more about what the show is and what the goals are for having this podcast. My main goal is to help women, as I said earlier, going through the empty nest phase, help them chase their dreams. And you know, dreams can come in many different ways for different people. For me, my dream is travel. I just started traveling in 2018 and I want to continue to do that as I grow older and for me, having an online business provides freedom so that I can choose my schedule. So that I can choose when I want to take time off and I can also choose how much money I make.

Shey: 01:15 That’s totally up to me based on how hard I work or the different business models that I create. But other possible dreams might be maybe you want a nest egg, maybe you’ve worked this far in your life or maybe you’re somebody who recently, you know you’ve lost your spouse or you are at the point now where you’re thinking, I didn’t make that much money in my career and you just need to have a nest egg and you need a way to start accumulating a little bit of wealth in addition to your day job. So that could be a dream of yours. Or maybe your dream is you just want to start a business. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but you’ve always had to put your family first. But now it’s your turn. Now you’re thinking, I’m not that old. I’m in my forties maybe early fifties and I have a whole lot of life in front of me and I just have always wanted to start a business.

Shey: 02:08 So now is my time. Those are the folks I’m going to be helping in this new podcast. I want to provide easy to understand answers to your business questions. If you’ve never started an online business, if you’ve never even dabbled in this or you’re brand new to the idea or maybe you have been playing around with it for the last year or two and you’re struggling, I want to be here for you. I’ve got your back. I want to be the person you come to when you have technical questions or roadblocks. Even just as a business idea, I don’t know how to make any more money or my traffic isn’t growing or I’m having problems with creating videos. Whatever your challenges, I want to help provide easy answers and that’s what I hope to do on this podcast. And the other goal for the show is to provide motivation and inspiration, helping you overcome your fears of being online or any issues you have with tech, as I said earlier, and I’ll go into more of that here in a little bit.

Shey: 03:11 And I hope to have women on here who have started their businesses later in life, showcase them, have them tell us their stories. How do they get started? Why did they get started? What problems did they encounter? How do they overcome those problems and what kind of success are they seeing today? I can’t wait to showcase some of these women to help motivate you so you can look at that and say, oh, okay, they went through those problems, but I think I can handle that. So it’s my turn and I’m going to go start my business. Now you’re probably thinking, well, this is all great and wonderful, but hey Shey, who the heck are you? Why are you going to be teaching me all this? Well, let me give you a little background about who I am as a person and then I’ll tell you a little bit more about my background with Internet business.

Shey: 03:54 So first off, I am almost 50 years old and I can’t even get used to that idea in my head. I’m still like somebody in their 20s I still listen to all this music on the top 40 channels on my XM radio. I listen to electronic music all day long and I listened to stuff that people in their twenties and thirties listened to. I can’t quite adjust to the fact that I’m going to turn 50 later this year. It doesn’t, it just doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry I’m not accepting it but I’m almost 50 and there are no kids at home. My husband has two children from a previous relationship and the oldest is in college and the youngest one is in her sophomore year of high school and she lives with her mom and so we are like living on our own, trying to remember what it was like when we were dating, when we had the kids part of the time.

Shey: 04:42 We had them half the time for several years and now it’s like, wow, what do you do when you have no kids and it’s just the two of you? And so now for me, I’m learning that I like to travel. So that’s something that I’ve just gotten into this past year. As I said earlier, one of my passions is travel, but another one of my passions is the lake life. I love being on a lake in the summertime. I grew up on a lake in Missouri as a kid and I still go to that same lake to this day, taking my family there every single summer. I tried to go at least once a summer, if not twice, and my dream is to own a lake home on that lake, lake of the Ozarks, if you’ve ever heard of it. It’s a great, great and wonderful lake. And it was rated the country’s Best Lake by USA newspaper a couple of years ago, so it’s a fantastic lake.

Shey: 05:30 I created a blog about the lake life called lakecrazy and I like to share things that I think are relevant to people that might be looking for like to go visit. And that’s a whole ‘nother story. I could talk about that another time about that blog, but I love the lake. I like water skiing, I like swimming. I like sailing. I like paddle boarding. I like boating. I like driving the boat, so if it has to do with the lake, you’re going to find me out one every single summer and my husband and I, we go camping almost every weekend just so that we can be at the lake and have fun. We just, we love it.

Shey: 06:12 I’m also really into horses and cats and I have a few dogs but I’m not as passionate about dogs as I am cats and horses. I’ve got four horses. I’ve got several cats, won’t even tell you how many. So I’m the crazy cat lady, crazy cat lady, but I love my animals and I’m also crazy about internet business. This is something I’ve been pursuing since 2012 and actually had a dream of owning or starting an online business since 2000 back when we had the original dot com bubble burst. Back then I was working for a dot com company and that’s when I first wanted the idea of having an online business, but I didn’t know what kind of problem I could solve and how I could help people.

Shey: 07:08 And I’m also, me and my husband both, we are also huge Game of Thrones junkies. We don’t watch much TV. We’re both very busy people, but when we sit down to eat dinner, there’s no kids at home. So we like to put on Game of Thrones and we have watched the series now probably three times completely, maybe four. I’ve lost count and we’re just dying to wait for the final season to come out. We just absolutely love that TV show.

Shey: 07:15 So a little bit more about me as an internet person. I’ve been in the Internet business for the last six years and I’ve had multiple types of different businesses during that time and I’ve learned so much in those six years. There are so many people on this planet that say that they are an internet business guru of some sort. And I think many people have specialty skills when it comes to internet business because of the truth of it is it’s hard to know everything. So for me, I’m a tech person. That’s my background, 30 years of IT and being a programmer and a team lead and a manager and a project manager. I’ve done it all and I love programming. That’s what I do today.

Shey: 08:01 And I enjoy getting my hands on code and trying to figure out the puzzle as to why this code isn’t working. And I will tell you that in my 30 years of being a tech person, I still today, every single day, have some sort of tech issue that I have to go into Google and research to figure out why am I having this problem, whether it’s programming or if it has to do with Internet business. So even though I feel like I know a lot of information, you may come to me with a question that I just don’t know. I’ve never seen the problem myself before. So if I’ve never seen it and I’ve never heard anybody else talk about it, I will have to go research it to try to help you out. So that’s why I don’t consider myself an expert. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have a whole wealth of knowledge behind me after 30 years, but I just, I don’t know.

Shey: 08:44 I guess for me, without having some sort of accolades after my name, some credentials, I have a hard time saying I’m an expert in anything. I just like to think that I’m really good at what I do and I’m really good at research and really good at helping people and explain things in a way that makes sense. So I just wanted to throw that out there first. I don’t consider myself to be an expert. However, with that being said, I, like I said earlier, I have six years of building an online business myself. I’ve had so many different ideas. I’ve built a couple of dozen websites with topics starting off with weight loss, my own personal weight loss journey. I started a blog about that and then a podcast. I’ve had a blog about horses, waterskiing, a fashion blog that was geared towards western wear, Podcasts, yeah, podcasting.

Shey: 09:31 I had a blog about podcasting and I had a podcast called Podcast ShoutOut where I introduced other podcasters. My lakes: I had LakeAuthority that turned into LakeZen that turned into LakeCrazy and to go along with that, I’ve created several podcasts. As I mentioned, I had one about weight loss that I ran for around a year, a little over a year called SlenderSafari and that was a great start. It really introduced me to podcasting and got me used to doing it every single week. I got to interview some amazing people that had lost a lot of weight or people that were experts in their industry and then I decided I wanted to get more into the podcasting thing, so that’s when I came out with Podcast ShoutOut. I did that for a while and then I did one about the lakes and then I did another one about tech issues that people ran into and that was about the time that I kind of stopped podcasting and I’m just like, you know, I’m kind of burning out on this for right now.

Shey: 10:22 And I wanted to regroup and think about where I wanted to focus my business, where I really wanted to pursue going forward. And that actually took me some time because I played around with a lot of different things. I played around different websites I created, played around different technologies and I’m like, where do I really want to settle down and focus all my energy? And that’s where I came up with Shey Harms, where I started building up a client base, started working with women individually one on one and helping them with whatever tech problems they were having. Sometimes it was building a website for them, sometimes it was maybe creating a store on their website, helping them get their podcast launched, whole bunch of different ideas. But I really took everything that I’ve learned over the past six years in addition to the thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars, all of these courses I have purchased. I am a course junkie. I bought so many of these courses and I probably watched about maybe half. So I have learned a lot by doing the work hands on. I’ve also learned a lot because of the courses and I’ve learned a lot from having clients and seeing what kinds of questions they have. So all that information plus my 30 years of IT experience makes me kind of a small authority. But I’m authority on starting an online business, getting it going and just keeping the wheels on so that you can focus on your business. And one final comment I will make about all of that is I’m still in the blogging world myself. So I have LakeCrazy that I dabbled with from time to time, but I’m trying not to put too much energy into that because I really want to focus just on the Shey Harms business model.

Shey: 11:59 And the reason why I bring that up is to let you know that as I continue to bring you information here, a lot of it could be firsthand experience that I’m currently dealing with. There are new things that are happening right now with the WordPress world and I would like to be able to keep you up to date with some of that, but I haven’t even tackled it yet myself enough to know how to give you that information. So I am going to keep my feet in the blogging world and in the sales funnel world and in the email marketing world. And if you don’t understand all these terms, don’t worry. I have an episode coming up that’s going to go over all of this with you, but I am in this, I’m in the trenches with you right along with you running into similar problems that you’re running into and that’s where my blog is going to be showing you how to fix these problems.

Shey: 12:43 You’ll be able to watch YouTube videos. All of this goes together under my technical coaching umbrella for everything I want to try to help you with. So the podcast is a way for me to kind of show you what I know and the YouTube channel is another place where you can get more information on how to handle just little WordPress weirdo things that you just don’t know how to fix. But you can go to my channel and you can see exactly how I handle that. So what’s next for S.A.B.A. – Second Act Business Academy? Well, basic building blocks for starting an online business from A to Z. I feel that there’s not enough podcasts that actually take you through a chronological order of what tasks you should complete before you move on to the next one. And there’s a lot of foundational type of processes and building blocks that you need to put in place before you can have your business up and running and start charging customers.

Shey: 13:36 At least that’s what I believe and I want to show you those, or explain those to you on upcoming episodes. So if you’re already kind of an expert in all those, you might be able to jump ahead or wait for future episodes to come out where I talk more with other women. So one of the things after I do the basic building blocks, I also, or actually I might do this before the basic building blocks, I want to explain the terminology that you need to know inside of Internet business. There’s so many words out there. And I remember when I first started learning, I used to, I still do this to this day, I’ll take my lunch hour and I will really focus on my business. And six, seven years ago when I first started off with this, I remember going into like a restaurant there and near where I worked and I have my laptop set up and I was trying to research some of this information and I would just be like, what the heck do they mean by “good content”?

Shey: 14:25 I mean that was such a foreign concept to me. I couldn’t understand what good content meant and now I feel like, well that’s, that’s a no brainer. But when you’re first starting off and you hear somebody say that, it’s like, give me some examples. What are you talking about? What is content? What does that mean? So I want to break all that down and try to come up with all the words I think people might struggle with and then give you that overview and try to give examples so that you understand what that stuff means before I actually talking about it on the show. So then when you actually start hearing it in the show episodes, you’d be like, Oh yeah, that’s when she talked about what a sales funnel was. Okay, got it.

Shey: 15:03 As I mentioned earlier in the show, I want to showcase women. I want to interview women who have started a business later in life. They started in their second half of their life. They didn’t start this when they were 20 or 30. They waited until their kids were gone or almost gone and they decided they wanted to do something and they created a business, an online business, and I want to show that it’s possible. I want to show what problems that they faced and how they overcame them and how successful they are today. And I’m also going to do from time to time Q and A’s with Shey and that’s where I answer your technical questions or business questions within an online business. So if you’re having problems with WordPress or if you’re having problems with click funnels or Facebook ads or email marketing, give them to me. Give me your questions and I would love to answer those here on the show.

Shey: 15:47 I’ve already got several episodes already recorded along that line so you’ll get an idea of what a Q and A with Shey is all about. And finally, just overall business training as I learn, you will also learn. So as I learned something new, I’m going to create a podcast episode about it and share it with you so you can learn from my mistakes or you can take some shortcuts and that way you don’t have to go out and reinvent the wheel. You can just do what I did and hopefully make your life a lot easier.

Shey: 16:13 Now before I wrap up this intro episode, let me just tell you how you can connect with me. First off, you could send me an email and you can send me an email at and Shey is spelled with an e, so it’s s h e You can also find more information on my website, which is and you can find me on places like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and all of that, you can find on the show notes for this episode and every episode.

Shey: 16:48 I will always have that information available to you. So if you go to that is the show notes for this episode so you can get links to all those places so you can follow me and interact with me in social media. If you have any suggestions or any demos that you would like to see to help you with your tech hurdles, make sure you email me and I will post some videos on YouTube to help you overcome whatever issues you’re facing.

Shey: 17:20 So that’s a wrap for the intro. Are you ready to get started? All right, well, let’s get started with the first episode, so I will talk to you soon.

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